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User 4 Module

This is the contents of the user4 module position using Module Class Suffix = darkS. You can add images here or replace with text based content with a user module or other.

Startup Options

We've done our best to make sure getting started with Joomla Simplicity is seamless and straightforward.

For the basic setup, you'll be able to easily:

  • Choose a Default Color Style
  • Set the Header/Logo Width and Height
  • Show/Hide the Text Resizer
  • Show/Hide the Width Selector
  • Specify the Default Template Width

The parameters above are all defined in the Joomla Template Manager. (Extensions -> Template Manager - > Simplicity)

Upon viewing the Template Parameter settings page you will see the above settings in your Joomla administration console. Set your options according to your preferences

simplicity templat params
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